What is Verasity Crypto?

Verasity is a crypto token that powers a new, more rewarding video sharing platform. By allowing all stakeholders to benefit, Verasity’s unique ecosystem will create a more engaged global community of video viewers and content creators.

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Verasity is a next-generation video platform that is powered by blockchain technology. The native cryptocurrency of the Verasity platform is called VERA. VERA can be used to tip content creators, participate in governance, and unlock exclusive benefits such as early access to content, exclusive videos, and discounts on merchandise.

What is Verasity Crypto?

Verasity is a new cryptocurrency that promises to revolutionize the online video industry. The project is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to become the dominant player in the space. The team behind Verasity is experienced and has a strong track record in the online video industry. The project has already gained a lot of traction and has partnerships with some of the biggest names in the space.

The Verasity Token

The Verasity Token (VRA) is a unique utility token that powers the Verasity ecosystem. The total supply of VRA is fixed at 10 billion.

The Verasity Token has several key functions within the Verasity ecosystem:

– It is used to purchase advertising and attention-based services from verifiers.
– It is staked by verifiers to earn rewards for verifying attention data and video content.
– It is used by viewers to vote on which videos they want to watch and support.
– It is burned (destroyed) when video content is watched, ensuring that demand for VRA always exceeds supply.

The VRAtoken is not an investment, security, commodity, a swap on a commodity or any kind of financial instrument.

The Verasity Foundation

The Verasity Foundation is a not-for-profit entity based in the Cayman Islands. The purpose of the Foundation is to support and encourage the development of the Verasity ecosystem by funding community initiatives, awarding grants and scholarships, and undertaking research.

The Verasity Protocol

Verasity is a next-generation video sharing platform designed to liberate creators and benefit viewers. We’re building a fairer online world that works for everyone by using the latest advances in DLT and cryptoeconomics.

The Verasity Protocol is a set of open software protocols that enable a new model of video sharing. The Protocol creates a direct, one-to-one relationship between creators and viewers, without any intermediaries that can take a cut of the value.

The Verasity Protocol is designed to address some of the key problems with online video today:

* Lack of trust between creators, platforms, and advertisers leading to billions of dollars of fraud each year
* Middlemen that take a large cut of the value generated by creators, leaving them struggling to earn a living
* Lack of transparency and control over how user data is used and shared

The Verasity Protocol uses the latest advances in DLT and cryptoeconomics to create a sustainable ecosystem that works for everyone. By directly connecting creators and viewers, the Protocol enables a new model of video sharing where value flows back to those who contribute the most. And by using Proof of View (PoV) technology, Verasity provides unprecedented levels of transparency and security while also protecting user privacy.

The Verasity Ecosystem

The Verasity platform comprises four main pillars which work in synergy to create a new standard for video.

The Verasity Signature Chain (VSC) is a purpose built blockchain that can scale to support the high transaction volume needed by videos. The VSC provides a completely new way to timestamp and protect video files as well as distribute rewards based on engagement and attention.

The Verasity Wallet enables viewers to store, manage and spend their VRA and VERA tokens across the entire Verasity ecosystem. The Wallet also allows creators to specify conditions under which their videos can be played such as requiring a certain amount of attention before allowing access.

The Verasity Player is a next-generation video player that rewards viewers with VERA tokens for watching videos, sharing content, and referring friends. The Player can be easily embedded on any website or blog and works with all popular web browsers.

The Verasity API enables third-party developers to build applications on top of the Verasity ecosystem including tipping, rewards, voting, and content discovery features.

The Verasity Community

The Verasity community is a collection of amazing people from all around the world that are passionate about the video sharing economy and its potential to change the way we consume video content. Our team is dedicated to providing an intuitive and rewarding experience for everyone who joins us on this journey.

Verasity is a next-generation video sharing platform that is powered by blockchain technology. We are building a fairer and more engaged ecosystem for content creators, advertisers, and viewers. Our uniqueSparkPlay Micropaymentstm system means that viewers can choose to support their favorite content creators with micropayments, without having to sign up for a subscription or watch ads.

By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we are creating a more transparent and engaging video ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. We believe that this is the future of online video, and we’re excited to be leading the charge.


Verasity is a crypto project that’s aim is to help the online video industry by developing a shared protocol for verified attention. The project wants to create a decentralized and transparent ecosystem for all participants of the video ecosystem, including content creators, viewers, and advertisers. The team behind Verasity has significant experience in the online video industry, which gives them a good understanding of the problems that need to be solved. The project has the potential to disrupt the online video industry, and we’re excited to see how it develops.

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