What is COTI Crypto?

COTI is a decentralized platform that enables instant payments in fiat and cryptocurrencies. It offers a Trust Score algorithm to assess the risk of transactions and a mobile wallet for efficient payments.

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COTI is a digital currency that enables instant payments with near-zero transaction fees. COTI supports a wide range of payment types including free peer-to-peer payments, online payments, in-store payments, and more. COTI also allows users to hold and exchange multiple currencies within the same wallet.

COTI is built on a unique consensus algorithm that combines the best of both Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to provide a more secure, scalable, and environmentally friendly consensus mechanism. COTI also features a built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to buy, sell, or trade COTI directly from their wallet.

COTI was created by a team of experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals with a proven track record in building successful companies and products. The team is led by Dr. Matthew Justin Lee, a serial entrepreneur and MIT graduate who has been involved in the blockchain space since 2012.

What is COTI?

COTI is a digital currency that’s designed to improve on the shortcomings of traditional fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies. COTI’s goal is to become the world’s go-to currency for everyday payments, whether they’re made online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

To achieve this, COTI has built a payments network that uses a unique consensus algorithm called Trustchain. Trustchain allows COTI to process transactions quickly and securely while keeping costs low. And because Trustchain is scalable, COTI can handle a large number of transactions without compromising speed or security.

COTI also has its own digital wallet, called the COTI wallet, which makes it easy for users to store, send, and receive COTI coins. The COTI wallet is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

How Does COTI Work?

COTI is a payments transaction network that utilizes a proprietary Trustchain™ consensus algorithm to process transactions on the network. The COTI network is powered by the native ERC20 token called the COTI coin. Trustchain™ is a Trust-Based Transaction System that allows for near-instant, low-cost payments with zero fees. The system is designed to handle both traditional fiat currencies and digital currencies.

COTI utilizes a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure which allows for scalability and avoids congestion on the network. Transactions are confirmed by a group of nodes called Validating Nodes (VNs). There are three types of VNs in the COTI network: Core VNs, Edge VNs, and Witness VNs. Core VNs are responsible for maintaining the database and processing transactions. Edge VNs serve as intermediaries between users and Core VNs and provide consensus on transactions. Witness VNs monitor the network for any malicious activity and produce blocks that contain information about all valid transactions.

The COTI network also has a built-in currency exchange called COTI Swap that allows users to exchange different types of currency without having to go through a third-party exchange. The Swap service is integrated into the Wallet app so that users can easily convert between fiat currency, digital currency, or even different types of digital currency.

COTI Benefits

COTI is a innovative crypto that offers instant, feeless and secure digital payments. COTI’s unique technology addresses the main problems with current cryptocurrencies, such as high fees, slow transaction times and scalability issues. With COTI, users can enjoy instant transactions with zero fees, as well as the security and anonymity of a decentralized currency. In addition, COTI’s scalable architecture means that it can handle large numbers of transactions without any problems.

COTI Use Cases

COTI is a universal payments network that enables anyone, anywhere to make and receive payments in any currency, with zero fees. COTI also provides businesses with tools to create their own branded tokens, enabling them to reward customers, pay suppliers or raise funds through token sales.

Tokenization can be used to loyalty programs, in-app payments, e-commerce rewards, remittances, micropayments and more. COTI also supports stablecoins, which can be used to hedge against volatility or as a store of value.

COTI is built on a proprietary Trustchain consensus algorithm that allows it to process thousands of transactions per second with low fees and secure confirmations. The Trustchain is anchored to the Stellar network and backed by a reserve of COTI coins.

The native currency of the COTI network is the ERC20 token COTI coin (COTI). COTI coins are required to operate nodes on the network and are used to pay transaction fees. They are also used to stake for consensus participation and can be earned through participation in the network’s governance process.


The COTI team is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and engineers. The team has a strong belief in the power of the blockchain to democratize financial services and believes that COTI can play a leading role in this industry.

COTI Roadmap

COTI’s development roadmap is designed to bring our technology from proof-of-concept to enterprise readiness. We are building the infrastructure for a new financial system that is faster, cheaper and more inclusive.

The first phase of our roadmap focuses on delivering a functional MVP that showcases the potential of the COTI platform. In the second phase, we will be expanding the functionality of the platform and adding new features that will make it even more powerful. The third phase is all about scaling up the platform so that it can handle large amounts of transactions and support a growing number of applications.

We are confident that our technology can redefine how payments are made and we are committed to making it available to everyone.

Phase 1: Proof-of-Concept (Q1-Q2 2018)
The first phase of our roadmap is focused on delivering a functional MVP that showcases the potential of the COTI platform. We will be building the core components of the platform and developing a basic version of the COTI wallet. This will be followed by a public beta launch in Q2 2018.

Phase 2: Functionality Expansion (Q3-Q4 2018)
In the second phase, we will be expanding the functionality of the platform and adding new features that will make it even more powerful. This includes implementing smart contracts, launching support for third-party applications and introducing new payment methods. We also plan to launch our mainnet in Q4 2018.

Phase 3: Scalability (2019+)
The third phase is all about scaling up the platform so that it can handle large amounts of transactions and support a growing number of applications. We will be working on improving transaction speed and efficiency, as well as introducing sharding and other scalability solutions. Our goal is to make COTI one of the most scalable blockchains in 2019+.


COTI is a new cryptocurrency that promises to revolutionize the way we make online payments. Using a sophisticated algorithm, COTI aims to provide instant, secure and low-cost transactions for both buyers and sellers. With its own native token, COTI can be used to pay for goods and services online, or transferred between users. Although still in its early stages, COTI has the potential to become a major player in the cryptocurrency space.

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