How to Send Crypto from to Coinbase

How to Send Crypto from to Coinbase. Learn how to transfer cryptocurrency from one wallet to another.

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Open your App

1.Open your App, go to “Trade”, select “Spot”, and search the asset you would like to send in the search box.

2. Alternatively, you may go to the asset detail page by selecting “Assets” from the bottom toolbar and then choosing your asset.
3. Tap on “Withdraw” at the top right corner of the screen.
4. Enter the amount you would like to Withdraw and select your Withdrawal Method as “Coinbase Wallet”
5. Review and confirm Withdrawal Details including Withdrawal Address, amount, and fee then tap on “Withdraw Now”
6. A QR code will be generated for you to scan with your Coinbase Wallet App

Tap on ‘Send’

1. On the App home screen, tap on ‘Send’.

2. Select the currency you would like to send by tapping on the coin icon, eg. BTC or ETH.

3. Enter the amount you would like to send or tap on the 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% buttons to max out the amount.

4. Tap on ‘Address’ and enter your Coinbase wallet address or scan the QR code. If you do not have a Coinbase account, please create one here first before proceeding with the transaction –

5. Tap on the ‘Checkmark’ icon at the top right corner, review and confirm your transaction details, then hit ‘Send Now’.

Select ‘Coinbase’ as your Recipient

From your wallet, select ‘Transfer’ and then ‘Send Crypto’. You will be prompted to select a Recipient.

In the ‘Select a Recipient’ dropdown, select ‘Coinbase’. If you do not see Coinbase listed, type ‘Coinbase’ in the search bar and then select it from the dropdown.

Enter the amount ofcrypto you would like to send to your Coinbase wallet, making sure you have sufficient crypto in your wallet to cover the transaction fee. The transaction fee is automatically calculated by our system and is based on blockchain network conditions at the time of transfer.

Click ‘Confirm Transfer’ to complete your transaction!

Enter the amount you would like to send

1. On the App, selectTransfer from the left-hand menu
2. Tap on Send
3. Choose the crypto you would like to send
4. Enter the amount you would like to send
5. Tapon the question mark icon next to “Recipient Address” for guidance on how to Fill in the recipient’s address carefully – a mistake here could mean your crypto ends up being sent to the wrong person!
6. When ready, tap Send Now
7. Review the details of your transaction, then slide to confirm
8. Congratulations – you have successfully sent crypto from your Wallet to another wallet!

Tap ‘Send’

1. On the Dashboard, tap on the ‘Send’ icon.
2. Select the asset you would like to send from your Wallet.
3. Enter the amount you would like to send.
4. Tap ‘Review & Send’.
5. Review the transaction details and tap ‘Send Now’ to confirm.

A QR code will appear. Scan the QR code with your Coinbase app

To send Crypto from to Coinbase:
1. On the App, go to ‘Trade’
2. Under ‘Send & Receive’, select the relevant currency account e.g. BTC, ETH
3. On the SendCrypto page, enter the amount you would like to Send and the Recipient Address (this is your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet address). Toggle between fiat and crypto amount by tapping on the symbols next to amount field
4. A QR code will appear. Scan the QR code with your Coinbase app
5. Review transaction details and slide to confirm
6. Done!

Tap ‘Confirm’

On the last page of the app, you will see a ‘Confirm’ button. Before you tap it, please check that:
-The amount is correct
-The destination wallet is correct
-The wallet address is correct
If everything looks good, go ahead and tap ‘Confirm’.

Your crypto has now been sent!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve successfully sent some crypto from to Coinbase. Well done! We’ll now run through a quick summary of what has just happened and where your crypto is now.

When you hit the “Send” button in your Wallet, you were actually sending your crypto to a blockchain address. A blockchain address is simply a long string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies a wallet. When you sent your crypto from to Coinbase, you would have provided Coinbase with their blockchain address.

Once the transaction had been broadcasted to the network, it would have been included in a block of transactions. Miners then confirm these transactions by including them in the next block that they mine. Once a transaction has been mined, it is considered to be complete and irreversible.

It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for transactions to be confirmed and appear in your Coinbase wallet. The time taken will depend on various factors such as network congestion and the fee that you paid to have your transaction mined quickly.

And that’s it! Your crypto has now been safely sent from to Coinbase and is now stored in your Coinbase wallet, ready for you to do with it as you please!

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