Can’t Find Crypto on PayPal? Here’s What to Do

If you’re looking for a way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies but you can’t seem to find any options on PayPal, don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways to do it. Here’s a quick guide on what to do.

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Check out the PayPal help center

If you can’t find cryptocurrency as an option on PayPal, it’s most likely because it’s not available in your country yet. PayPal is gradually rolling out cryptocurrency support to users around the world, so if you don’t see it now, it may become available in the future.

In the meantime, you can check out the PayPal help center for more information about using cryptocurrency with PayPal. The help center has a section on how to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency, as well as how to use it for payments and transfers.

If you’re still having trouble finding what you’re looking for, you can always contact PayPal customer support for help.

Check out the PayPal community forums

If you’re a PayPal user and you’re having trouble finding your Crypto, the first thing you should do is check out the PayPal community forums. There are a lot of helpful users there who may be able to point you in the right direction.

Once you’ve checked out the forums, try searching for your Crypto on PayPal’s website. If you still can’t find it, contact PayPal customer service and they should be able to help you out.

Check out the PayPal subreddit

If you can’t find cryptocurrency on PayPal, your best bet is to check out the PayPal subreddit. There, you’ll find a wealth of information from other users about all things PayPal, including how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Use a different payment method

If you’re trying to buy crypto with PayPal and can’t seem to find the option, don’t worry – it’s not currently available. However, there are a few workarounds that you can use to get your hands on some crypto.

The first option is to use a different payment method. If you have a debit or credit card, you can use that to purchase crypto directly on PayPal. Just go to the “Buy/Sell” section of PayPal and select the currency you want to purchase. Then enter your payment information and hit “Submit.”

Another option is to use a cryptocurrency exchange that supports PayPal as a payment method. There are a few exchanges that do this, including Coinbase and Kraken. Just sign up for an account on one of these exchanges, link your PayPal account, and then you’ll be able to buy and sell crypto directly through the exchange.

Finally, you could also use a peer-to-peer marketplace like LocalBitcoins or Paxful to find someone who’s willing to sell you crypto using PayPal as the payment method. Just be aware that there are sometimes higher fees associated with peer-to-peer marketplaces, so make sure you compare prices before making a trade.

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