Can You Send Crypto from Robinhood?

Can You Send Crypto from Robinhood? Yes, you can! Here’s how to do it.

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Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading app that also offers cryptocurrency trading. While you can buy and sell crypto on Robinhood, you can’t yet send it to another wallet. This may change in the future, but for now, if you want to send your crypto off of Robinhood, you’ll need to first sell it and then send the proceeds (in fiat currency) to your desired destination.

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading app that allows users to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and options. The company also offers a cryptocurrency trading service, which allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Can You Send Crypto from Robinhood?

Robinhood is a popular investment and trading app that allows users to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and options. The app also recently added cryptocurrency trading to its offerings. So, can you send crypto from Robinhood?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Robinhood does not currently allow users to send crypto to other wallets or exchanges. This means that if you want to cash out your crypto holdings, you will need to do so through another platform.

There are a few different ways that you can cash out your crypto from Robinhood. One option is to sell your crypto for US dollars on the Robinhood platform. Once the sale is complete, the funds will be deposited into your Robinhood account, which you can then withdraw to your bank account or use to purchase other investments on the platform.

Another option is to transfer your crypto holdings to another exchange or wallet that does allow withdrawals. To do this, you will need to generate a unique deposit address from the receiving platform and then enter this address into the “Withdraw” section of your Robinhood account. Once the transaction is complete, you will be able to access your funds on the other platform.

If you want to keep your crypto holdings in a wallet that allows you to send and receive funds, we recommend transferring your coins off of Robinhood as soon as possible. There are many different wallets available, so be sure to choose one that supports the type of coin that you own.

How to Send Crypto from Robinhood

If you have a Robinhood account and you want to send cryptocurrency to another person, you’ll need to do so using a cryptocurrency wallet. To do this, you’ll need the following:

-The recipient’s cryptocurrency wallet address.
-Your Robinhood account login information.
-A app that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency, such as Coinbase or Blockfolio.

Once you have all of the necessary information, follow these steps to send cryptocurrency from Robinhood:

1.Log in to your Robinhood account and go to the ‘Menu’ section.
2.Select ‘Transfer’ from the menu options.
3.Choose ‘Withdrawals’.
4.Enter the amount of cryptocurrency that you want to send in the ‘Withdrawal amount’ field.
5.(Optional) Enter a message in the ‘Message’ field. This is not required, but it can be helpful if you want to include additional instructions for the recipient.
6.In the ‘Withdrawal method’ field, select ‘Crypto Wallet’.
7.Enter the recipient’s cryptocurrency wallet address in the ‘Wallet address’ field and double-check it for accuracy before continuing.
8.(Optional) Enter a tag, if required by the recipient’s wallet provider. This is not required by all wallets, but some may require it in order for the transaction to be processed correctly. 9.’Review your withdrawal details’ and click ‘Confirm withdrawal’.
10.’Confirm your email address’ and click ‘Confirm’. You will be asked to confirm your withdrawal via email before it can be processed.”’


No, you cannot send crypto from Robinhood. Robinhood is a brokerage firm and does not support the sending or receiving of cryptocurrency. You can only buy and sell crypto on Robinhood. If you want to send or receive cryptocurrency, you will need to use a different platform.

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